16, florida. I follow back xx




0-100 at light speed

Q: My girl pregnant and with our first child I'm 20 she 18. But it's this bad little chick at my job who's been flirting with me for the last couple of days. Lord knows I want to fuck the shit out of her but I'm scared my girl gone find out and leave me and take my seed. I slick just want to fuck her the dip but she seem like the type to get attached. Oh I'm black my girl is Cuban ,you know them Cubans be crazy, the little bitch is black and something else I think. You think I should hit bro?




Do your girl a favor and give her abortion money. The type of ain’t shit nigga you are is downright hereditary. You com from a long line of ain’t shit niggäs, and you will spread your ain’t shit DNA to your unborn child. She don’t need this nonsense in her life

omfggg im deadddddddddddddddddddd

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